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Metro Parkway Extension finally opens

Metro Parkway Extension will finally open at 5pm on Sunday, October 21, 2012. The project has been underway for many years and suffered a rebid and the loss of the first contractor. San Carlos Park welcomes having another way to get around town from our area.

Construction to our south on 41 should be finishing soon as well.

Subwoofer owners: Disturbing the peace is still against the law

Florida Governor Rick Scott eliminated several laws which he deemed unnessessary including a law concerning when law enforcement can pull over loud vehicles. However, these subwoofers are still a violation of existing and remaining disturbing the peace laws and ordinances, in spite of what some automotive stereo stores are telling customers.

"Quiet hours" for disturbing the peace are from 10pm to 7am. This includes lawn mowing, loud neighbors, animals and more.

If you are able to get a tag number or description of one of these vehicles you may report it to the Lee County Sheriff's non-emergency number at 477-1000.

What are the current watering restrictions?

Watering restrictions are in place in unincorporated lee county. To view the current restrictions, click here. To report a violation in Lee County, FL, call 274-2547.

2010 election "Vote for Cecil Pendergrass" signs left in San Carlos Park ditch

Cecil PendergrassIt's been well over a year since the 2010 election but candidate Cecil Pendergrass never went back to pick up his campaign signs. One of these signs was recently discovered in a ditch next to the railroad tracks in San Carlos Park.

This is just one more sign of the blight which is taking over our community.

If you wish to contact him, his website is at

Elections are one of the few exceptions to Lee County's "No Signage" ordinance but they are required to remove them after the election.

Lee County Government Code Enforcement works when we do

Have you noticed all the blight creeping through out the County? Illegal signs, not only at intersections and along the side of the road but even in front lawns. Some yards look like the house was abandoned. How about junk cars, the drag racing, speeding and running stop signs? Are you getting tired of hearing screeching brakes or vehicles winding out at full throttle down the road? Cars often blow through stop signs and it's getting worse.

Blight is limiting or lowering housing values. Let's not let our community sink to a ghetto because of the indifference of Lee County Government. At last check, there isn't a way to contact Code Enforcement from the Lee County Government web site. From the violations we all see just driving in and out of the park each day, the fines alone could balance any budget issues. They took away our Sheriff's substation and now many parts of the park are turning into a race track. Perhaps we need a change in Lee County downtown. Take a stand and let our local Commissioner know how you feel. Nice try but they went to Hawaii for a budget meeting that could have been done right here in Lee County.

The way to get the Lee County Zoning department on the case is to report violations to them. If you get through their staff is very helpful.

Their phone number is: 239-344-5895
and their fax number is: 239-344-5880

Everywhere there's signs!!!!

Illegal signs are causing blight in our community! An attack in 2004 spotted over 2 dozen signs during a two-day period in February. You see them attached with plastic ties to existing road signs or with wire legs. Thanks to Fort Myers business "Fabulous Furniture", that record in 2004 has long since been smashed.

There are several "organizations" placing these ugly signs in our area so don't be afraid to take them down when put on your yard or business. If not, we'll all soon be covered ugly blight from these signs!

Above all, DO NOT do business with any company that places these signs in our community. They typically advertise services like "We buy junk cars" or "We'll buy hour house" but since they don't even advertise legitimatly, they are not reputable and you will likely be swindled out of your money.

Several years ago signs were plastering at major intersections throughout the county with as many as 5 signs per side. The math is simple... at a four way intersection, that's 20 signs. Our housing market will NEVER come back if this is allowed to continue so do us all a favor... take down a sign!!!